Lakeside Pack Walks 

Pack Walks reinforce the Pack Mentality that Lakeside operates on. Walks like these allow dogs to learn healthy behaviors from other members of the pack and build healthy bonds within the Pack Hierarchy. When a dogs body is in motion and their minds are stimulated they are healthy and more receptive. Pack walks allow the Lakeside Team to approach behavior modification in a more beneficial way than ever, by taking advantage of the calm and alert state cultivated by being part of a Pack.. These morning walks aren't just for four legged pack members - we encourage you to join us whenever you can! When you join a pack walk, Jenny and the Lakeside Team are able to work hands on with you and your Dog in a unusually productive environment and you get the chance to learn first hand with what Pack Mentality looks like, what it means and how exactly you can use that understanding to strengthen the relationship between you and your Dog.

"Jenny is a miracle worker! She transformed our unruly pup into a well mannered and behaved pup. Teddy loves going on the pack walks and playing with his pals."

- Carolyn Beard


Pack Walks

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