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1170 Kruger Lane | Frisco, Texas | 75034

The Lakeside Pack has officially moved in to our new home on Kruger Lane but the excitement has just begun!


"Lakeside paws quickly became our dog's home-away-from-home and just as quickly, the lakeside team became our family."

- Gina Hagenbuck


A Few Lakeside Services...



Training with Lakeside has its perks!

The Lakeside Team works hands on, teaching you to achieve consistent results at home and we are always around to answer questions about your Dog's training and development. 

Most importantly Lakeside Training is focused on building a positive and lasting relationship between you and your Dog.




Lakeside brings family, structure and ease to boarding.

Days spent at Lakeside are stimulating and structured, challenging your Dog mentally and physically. Nights are spent resting up for tomorrow, surrounded with all the comforts of home.

A stay at Lakeside is more than just room-and-board, it's deliberate and engaging. 




Or goal is to provide dogs with a safe environment for socialization and to encourage healthy psychological systems that allow dogs, to be dogs.

Daycare at Lakeside engages dogs in structured play. The Lakeside Team thoughtfully designs environments where your Dog's mind and body are tested and engaged, so they return to you at the end of the day happy, healthy and ready for bed.



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